Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Anglo Saxon Design Sept 2016

I did this for a person in the SCA that I had the utmost regard for and who unfortunately has left us too soon

Starting the build and these pieces simply did not want to stay where they were suppose to!!!

put together and soldered

Tudor Rose Sept 2016

I made this for a member of the Order of the Rose

Design it is one that I have been refining over the years

Start of the build:

Built ready to solder




Baronial Investiture Scrolls Sept 2016

My Barony elected a new Baron and Baroness to be invested in Sept 2016.  I volunteered to do the scrolls.  I decided to do separate but the same scrolls based on the same cartoon.

First I did the painted Barional Heraldry

Then I started to build up the scrolls as shown below:

Then to solder them

Patina them

Both Patina'd when you see them side by side you will see that I changed up the colors of the glass surrounding the pieces.

Then framed

Order of the Sagittarious Dec 2015

I did this for Duchess/Mistress Thyra who I greatly admire.

It was for her induction into the Order of the Sagittarius

Unfortunately I can not find the pictures that I took when I was building it. I have only come across one.

This is when I was putting it together

And the finished piece
When I find my other photos I will update my post


Order of the Pelican June 2016

I was awed to do this scroll for my Laurel's induction into the Order of the Pelican - Mistress Nest.

First I had to find a picture of a Pelican that I liked.  My apprentice sister Elaine found just the one for me.I am sorry but I am not sure of what window this comes from

My cartoon for the piece is the picture below.

I wanted to border to be different than I normally do so I study various glass windows and decided on a painted small circle design

This picture shows some of the pieces of the Pelican as I finish them and roughly lay them into the design.

Then I put the rest of the pieces in but not soldered yet

After soldering and patina
Then the final finished piece

Order of the Laurel May 2016

I received a special request to do an "Order of the Laurel" for a person who specifically asked for me to do her scroll.  I was very honored to do this piece.  She got her Laurel for calligraphy.

I knew that my design was going to have a 'quill" and because she does book binding also...it was going to have to have a "book" of some sort.

Since I needed to include her heraldry on this scroll...I decided that the book would be half the words to her scroll and half would be her heraldry.  Below is the design/cartoon

I decided to do the scroll in 2 halves as the top has many pieces to put together.

First I did the quill

 Then I proceeded to build the Laurel leaves around it  - the leaves are incredibly time consuming and at times highly irritating when they won't "behave"!!!

Once the main part of the top was put together it was time to do the "book". This proved to be harder than I had anticipated.  My concept was to have half as her heraldry - 4 bunnies, and the other the half of the book be the works to the scroll.  Unfortunately, and I am not sure why,  those two pieces broke several times in the kiln before I was actually able to get a piece to come out good.  Broken and good pieces below:

I did finally get two fused pieces that did not break and proceeded to get the scroll put together. Not sure why but I can not get this picture to be vertical..sorry It shows the piece put together but not soldered

 The next photo shows the  piece soldered

 Then it gets cemented and Patina'd.  The patina gives it a black tone color on the lead

And then framed:

Order of the Silver Crescent April 2016

I was asked to do a scroll for an inductee into the Order of the Silver Crescent.This scroll had some unusual difficulties that I had not expected!!

This is the piece under construction.  The biggest issue that I had was to get the blue glass to fit properly between the Crown points.  I ended up having to use an electric glass cutting saw that I have to get the sharp points inbetween the yellow crown pieces.  Next time I would redo the design so that I would not have to use a saw.

This is the piece soldered

And then framed